Legal Notes-Scary Halloween Laws that Might Spook You



This edition is devoted to the upcoming day of candy, trick-or-treating, porch and yard decorations, and, of course, costumes! Just when you thought such a day was free from government interference and lawyers — guess again. This article addresses local laws and rules for fun, some of the unique laws and rules in other parts of the country, and some premises liability considerations. 

The City of Charleston maintains an ordinance specifically addressing Halloween. The ordinance restricts the acceptable age for trick-or-treat “visitations” to children 16 years or less. The ordinance also provides that trick-or-treating can only occur prior to 10 p.m. on “Halloween night.”   

This is not as restrictive as some other cities – Chesapeake, Virginia, has an age limit of “kids 12 and under.” Belleville, Illinois, prohibits trick-or-treating for anyone in the ninth grade or above, and forbids masks for children over the age of 12. So, this means seventh and eighth graders in Belleville can trick or treat, just not with a mask!  

Not that we need any more reasons to be grateful to call Daniel Island home, but here are some other unique (and sometimes odd) laws from other parts of the country.

Legal Notes-Think Twice Before You Post That Ring Video


In 2021, cameras are everywhere! Whether you are an iPhone or Android user, an easily accessible camera is a given. Home surveillance systems have also soared in popularity, including video surveillance and doorbell cameras. Many systems offer user settings that begin the recording function 24 hours a day with movement or some other triggering event. The byproduct can be hours of video or hundreds of photos, sometimes without the express consent of the people in the photo or video.   

While these helpful technological advances offer an added level of security and deterrence, they can also create disputes and animosity amongst neighbors. 

It is not uncommon for photos and videos to be posted on public forums, including social media. Those publications are sometimes being made for the purpose of identifying a person or vehicle. I am sure we have all seen and/or heard of the following — “Whose kid is this running a stop sign?” Or “This group of kids almost caused an accident on a golf cart!” While the publisher of the photo or video is not normally acting with any ill-will or malice, disagreements often arise about the publication of minor children. Thus, begging the question, is this legal?

Legal Notes-A Refresher: City Of Charleston Leash Law


For every golf cart or minivan on Daniel Island, there is a family pet – typically a dog or cat. As I write this article, our family dog (Cooper) is sitting at my feet. While mostly a rewarding aspect of life, living in an urban environment with a pet can present challenges and, of course, rules about keeping the family pet.

Unfortunately, there are occurrences where family pets attack other pets, people or cause damage. What rules govern the family pet (outside the home) and what can happen should there be an unfortunate occurrence?

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