The term Products Liability encompasses almost every product which you can buy in the store, buy on the Internet, use at work or use it in your home. For the purpose of protecting the consumers of South Carolina, the law maintains three distinct avenues of recovery should you be injured either in whole or partly buy a product. Those responsible for your injuries can be the manufacturer of the product, any product designers, and the retailer from which you acquired the product.

The first legally imposed duty in the area of products liability is defective design. In other words, we must determine if this product was destined to fail and cause injuries to you because of the design which was implemented even before the product was actually manufactured.

The second legally imposed duty in the area of products liability is manufacturing defect. These defects arise from imperfections, negligence and failures which occurred during the actual manufacturing of the product.

The third legally imposed duty in the area products liability is failure to warn. For example, the product has inherent risk and/or the manufacturer knew or should have known the product was being misused, yet failed to provide an adequate and reasonable warning.  This type of oversight can further maximize the value of your claim and your recovery.

Mr. Mingledorff and Mr. Patterson have litigated and fought for clients in products liability matters with extremely successful results. The knowledge and experience which your team of two dedicated lawyers will use for you will be unmatched. As a team, Mingledorff and Patterson, LLC will guide you through the process of recovering all to which you are entitled, while personally handling your case and communicating effectively with you throughout the process.  Your overall client experience is our number one priority.

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