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Mr. Mingledorff and Mr. Patterson each have years of extensive experience with civil litigation matters in both state and federal court throughout South Carolina, as well as in various courts around the country. With clients ranging from small business owners to Fortune 100 companies, Mr. Mingledorff and Mr. Patterson are ready to zealously represent any and all clients in an appropriate, yet aggressive, fashion to ensure the best possible outcome.


The attorneys at Mingledorff and Patterson, LLC have extensive experience handling complex Workers’ Compensation matters. In fact, for many years, Mr. Mingledorff and Mr. Patterson represented employers and insurance companies in Workers’ Compensation claims. Therefore, your dedicated team of two lawyers, not only maintains knowledge and experience inside of the Workers’ Compensation system, but also possesses very unique and valuable knowledge, information and experience from the side of the employer and the insurance carrier.

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We represent businesses and individuals in complex business torts and commercial litigation. These cases include disputes between competitors, joint ventures, partners, shareholders, lenders and borrowers, franchisees and franchisors, and related commercial disputes.

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Your most treasured assets are your children.  You have endured years of hard work to provide for your children and loved ones.  Ensuring the fruits of your labor are protected and handled according to your wishes and desires is important.  An estate plan is the mechanism by which you accomplish that goal.  Estate plans can be basic and simple, yet effective. Contact your dedicated team to ensure you protect that which means the most to you.

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The attorneys at Mingledorff and Patterson, LLC are highly accustomed to negotiating and drafting various physician contracts, including employment agreements, partnership agreements, independent contractor agreements, and non-compete agreements. These contracts are meticulously crafted to protect the interests of the physician while ensuring compliance with healthcare laws and regulations.

Additionally, the legal team at Mingledorff and Patterson, LLC regularly represents healthcare professionals in forming medical practices, whether it’s a solo practice, group practice, or complex integrated provider network. This includes advising on entity selection (e.g., sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or limited liability company), drafting formation documents, assisting with state and federal regulatory compliance, and providing the highest quality of legal defense if needed.


Being physically injured by the negligence or deliberate act of another is very invasive and an attack on your personal space and well-being.  As such, trying to navigate maximizing your recovery alone can be even more stressful.  Mr. Mingledorff and Mr. Patterson want to be your advocate, be your voice and maximize your recovery from the accident as well as any monetary damages to which you are entitled.


The term Products Liability encompasses almost every product which you can buy in the store, buy on the Internet, use at work or use it in your home.  Mr. Mingledorff and Mr. Patterson have litigated and fought for clients in products liability matters with extremely successful results. The knowledge and experience which your team of two dedicated lawyers will use for you will be unmatched. As a team, Mingledorff and Patterson, LLC will guide you through the process of recovering all to which you are entitled, while personally handling your case and communicating effectively with you throughout the process.


Mr. Mingledorff and Mr. Patterson routinely represent contractors, suppliers, developers and other professionals in the construction and development industry.  Mingledorff & Patterson, LLC assist clients with all aspects of the construction and development process, including materialmen’s liens, bonds, contracts, collections, warranty issues and defective construction.

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Medical Malpractice cases are typically a result of negligent or careless action or inaction by a doctor, nurse, hospital, or other licensed medical professional or health care provider that yields consequences of permanent disability, disease, disfigurement, and death.Mr. Mingledorff and Mr. Patterson understand that you have been both physically and emotionally impacted by your medical outcome.  With extensive experience, ample resources, and exceptional communication, Mr. Mingledorff and Mr. Patterson will carefully and confidently guide you though the process of obtaining the damages to which you are entitled, according to the law.

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Accidents involving tractor-trailers or 18-wheelers are some of the most devastating wrecks on our roadways. Most deaths in large truck crashes are passenger vehicle occupants. The main problem is the vulnerability of people traveling in smaller vehicles. Trucks often weigh 20-30 times as much as passenger cars and are taller with greater ground clearance, which can result in smaller vehicles underriding trucks in crashes.


Mingledorff and Patterson, LLC regularly handles complex and demanding transactions for a vast range of companies. From forming corporate entities, to risk mitigation, mergers, acquisitions, and corporate structuring, our attorneys work alongside clients to navigate pathways to success.

Examples of our transactional expertise include:

Formation of Business Entities
Asset Purchase Agreements
Corporate Structuring and Restructuring
Risk Mitigation / Avoidance
Licensing and Franchise Agreements
Shareholder Agreements
Mergers and Acquisitions


The law firm of Mingledorff and Patterson, LLC, is renowned for its comprehensive and strategic approach to trademark and copyright law. With a seasoned team of legal experts, the firm excels in guiding clients through the intricate landscape of intellectual property protection. Leveraging their extensive knowledge, the attorneys at Mingledorff and Patterson meticulously assess each client’s unique business identity, creative works, and innovative products to devise tailored legal strategies. From conducting thorough trademark searches to drafting and filing applications with precision, they ensure clients’ trademarks receive the utmost safeguarding. Similarly, in the realm of copyright law, the firm skillfully navigates clients through the registration process, crafting licensing agreements, and vigorously defending against infringement. Committed to staying abreast of evolving legal trends and digital challenges, Mingledorff and Patterson, LLC, stands as a steadfast partner in preserving and maximizing the value of clients’ intellectual property assets.


With extensive law enforcement and DUI mitigation expertise, Mingledorff and Patterson, LLC approaches DUI law with precision, dedication, and compassion. By combining their in-depth understanding of DUI legislation and their commitment to upholding individual rights, Mingledorff and Patterson, LLC ensures that each client receives personalized attention and a robust defense strategy tailored to their unique circumstances. They prioritize clear communication, guiding clients through every step of the legal process while striving to mitigate the potential consequences of DUI charges. Ultimately, Mingledorff and Patterson, LLC’s unwavering commitment to excellence makes them a trusted choice for those seeking resolute and effective representation in DUI cases.


Mingledorff and Patterson, LLC approaches traffic violation law with a blend of knowledge, experience, and client-centered advocacy. By staying updated with the latest traffic regulations and local laws, they provide clients with accurate guidance and informed strategies to effectively address a wide range of traffic infractions. Mingledorff and Patterson, LLC values open communication, ensuring that clients are well-informed about their rights and options. Whether the issue involves speeding tickets, reckless driving, or other violations, their dedicated attorneys work diligently to achieve the best possible outcomes, aiming to minimize penalties and protect clients’ driving records. Through their comprehensive approach, Mingledorff and Patterson, LLC stands as a reliable choice for individuals seeking adept representation in traffic violation matters.

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