Why you need the council of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

The South Carolina Worker’s Compensation system is created solely by statute, and is run and administered by the South Carolina Worker’s Compensation Commission in Columbia, South Carolina. Pursuant to the South Carolina Worker’s Compensation Act, an injured worker is entitled to complete and adequate medical treatment, including with any necessary specialist, and lost wages. The lost wages include wages lost in the time after the injury, before the injured worker can return to a full work duty position, as well as the loss of future earnings due to the permanent and restrictive injuries and impairments of the injured worker.

Any employer in South Carolina with four or more employees is required by law to maintain adequate Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage. Therefore, when an accident occurs on the job, it is quite common for the employer’s insurance company to handle the injured worker’s accident and medical treatment.

The attorneys at Mingledorff & Patterson, LLC have been handling Workers’ Compensation claims for many years. In fact, for many years, Mr. Mingledorff and Mr. Patterson represented employers and insurance companies in Workers’ Compensation claims. Therefore, your dedicated team of two lawyers, not only maintains knowledge and experience inside of the Workers’ Compensation system, but also maintains very unique and valuable knowledge, information and experience from the side of the employer and the insurance carrier. To achieve the best most efficient results for your claim, please contact Mingledorff & Patterson, LLC.

Your Rights Under the SC Workers’ Compensation Act according to The South Carolina Bar:

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