Personal Injury Lawyers

The law of personal injury, including negligence and willful misconduct, has been long established in American jurisprudence. Those laws provide a clear path to recovery for the injured citizens of South Carolina. Mr. Mingledorff and Mr. Patterson both maintain years of experience in handling personal injury matters.

Most personal injury matters arise out of negligence. The law provides a four-part test to determine if an injury rises to the level of negligence, thus providing for monetary recovery to the injured party. First, there must be an establish duty, either legally or factually, between the injured party and the party causing the injury. Second, there must be a breach of the aforementioned duty. Third, there must be a causal link between the injury suffered and the breach of the duty. Fourth, and certainly not least, are damages.

Attempting to navigate the resolution an injury matter directly with an insurance company can be intimidating and overwhelming.  Mr. Mingledorff and Mr. Patterson want to be your advocate, be your voice and maximize your recovery from the accident, as well as any monetary damages to which you are entitled.

Your dedicated team of two attorneys are ready to listen to you and to help you.  Call at any time (843-931-0000) to begin your recovery now with two of the most trusted personal injury lawyers South Carolina.

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