Estate Planning

Recent studies show that 63% percent of Americans have no estate plan. Without an estate plan, after your death the laws of South Carolina decide the distribution of your assets, the individuals responsible for winding up your affairs and the person who will become the guardian of any minor children. Additionally, any tax or financial planning you may have prepared may not be fully effective without a coinciding estate plan. Mr. Mingledorff & Mr. Patterson routinely provide estate planning tools and preparation for clients and their families to ensure a proper, desired and smooth handling of your most treasured items upon death. While the topic of death is not a pleasant one, it is imperative and important to protect your decades of hard work and the money which you have earned as a result. Mr. Mingledorff and Mr. Patterson look forward to assisting you and your family with this important aspect of planning and providing you with peace of mind so that you can focus on what matters most – your family.

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