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Truck Accident Lawyers | Why Are Trucking Accident Cases Unique?

Truck Accident Lawyers | Any truck accident attorney will tell you that this particular area of personal injury is different than regular car accident cases. There are several key factors that set this type of case apart from the rest. It’s important to learn and understand what distinguishes these types of accidents so that you have a clearer understanding of what to expect throughout the process.

Special Laws

Trucks have different laws to abide by than regular automobiles on the roadway. You may notice that tractor-trailer trucks often have a slightly lower speed to follow on certain roadways. Because of the differences in laws, a truck accident attorney will need to understand such differences in order to handle cases appropriately.

Trucks are Equipped with Engine Control Modules

Many trucks include an engine control module that stores valuable information such as the speed at which the truck was traveling at the time of a crash. This type of information can be incredibly important in a truck accident case. However, this data may not be stored forever, so a quality truck accident attorney will need to get their hands on the information right away.

Time Logs

Truck drivers must log their time to make sure that they are not driving longer than the law allows them to. Unfortunately, driver fatigue makes a significant portion of the cause of truck accidents. Obtaining this information can help the lawyers understand why the accident happened.

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