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Truck Accident Attorneys | Common Reasons for Trucking Accidents

Truck Accident Attorneys | Any accident can be life-changing, but trucking accidents are even more likely to have catastrophic results. Understanding the common reasons that trucking accidents occur can help people avoid them and reduce their chances of needing a truck accident attorney in the future. Here are the three core reasons that trucking accidents occur.

Driver-Related Accidents

Unfortunately, driver-related accidents can be some of the most common reasons for trucking accidents. Some of the top reasons include:

  • Driving while impaired
  • Lack of experience or training
  • Distracted
  • Speeding
  • Driver Negligence

Truck-Related Accidents

In some circumstances, the truck itself serves as the cause for trucking accidents. Common issues include:

  • Tire blowouts
  • Faulty brakes
  • General truck issues
  • Transmission or engine problems

Company-Related Accidents

Company-related issues can also be the core cause of trucking accidents. Issues that fall under this umbrella include:

  • Company negligence
  • Improper maintenance
  • Issues with cargo loading

Of course, there are other situations in which trucking accidents may occur that have nothing do to do with the truck, driver, or the company. In fact, in some circumstances, it’s other drivers’ negligence that causes some of the most horrific crashes. No matter the cause, one thing is for certain, trucking crashes can be some of the most severe accidents ever reported.

It’s up to all of us to make sure that we are doing everything we can to avoid such catastrophic accidents. In the event that negligence is the cause, then there are laws in place to protect the victims. People should be aware of their rights when they are faced with the aftermath of these kinds of crashes.

Contact a Truck Accident Attorney

Mingledorff and Patterson are highly skilled at providing quality legal services in truck accident cases. If you would like more information about our services please contact our office today to schedule a consultation. 

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